SAPUI5, the SAP’s UI Development Toolkit for HTML5


UI Development Toolkit for HTML5, also known as SAPUI5,  is SAP’s new enterprise-ready HTML5 rendering library for client-side UI rendering and programming. It combines the advantages of being open and flexible as well as being enterprise ready supporting all SAP Product Standards. While Web Dynpro is best suited to heavyweight transactional applications for expert usage, SAPUI5 is designed for building lightweight consumer-grade UIs for casual usage. It targets developers at SAP and customers with web development skills (HTML, CSS3, JavaScript).

SAPUI5 provides extensible controls and powerful theming but it is easy to consume, based on open standards and integrates with 3rd-party JavaScript libraries. SAPUI5 applications run on a wide range of devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and on multiple server platforms.


SAPUI5 is built using leading technologies such HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, OData, OpenAJAX, LESS, D3.js, ARIA. Key features include :

  • Any Screen on Any Device
  • Cutting-Edge Controls
  • Powerful Theming & Branding
  • Unmatched Extensibility
  • Timeless SAP Data Consumption
  • Fast Cross-Platform Release Cycles
  • Enterprise Readiness
  • Eclipse-Based Designtime
  • Openness and Flexibility
  • Great Productivity

Overall it seems like a great tools for SAP and Non-SAP plateforms, There is an evaluation version that could be downloaded from SAPUI5 official page, however there is no details on the licensing schema of this product.